We are not your typical Law Firm.

Despite having our beautifully designed headquarters in downtown of Oakville, our transactions are 100% virtual since the pandemic.


We pride our selves in our team and the quality of legal services we are able to provide our clients, thus all the happy and returning clients

Natalie H

CEO & Lawyer

Rebecca T

Office Clerk

Kass M

Director of affairs

We Are Different, How?

  • Virtual

  • Digital

  • Concierge

  • Responsive

  • Transparent fixed fees

Hello, I’m Natalie!

I am a humble lawyer nearing a decade of legal experience. Our world is changing so rapidly, so why shouldn’t we? I have made it my will and passion to implement various strategies to offer the same great concierge service, but in a much more unique and efficient way. With the help of our colleagues and partners, we have transformed our practice into a virtual boutique firm.

From childhood, I have always dreamt of being a lawyer. Despite all the challenges I have faced, I made it my will to be a successful female lawyer, born to this country, but coming from an immigrant family background. Today I am the proud Founder and CEO of The Law Boutique, mentor to many female lawyers and entrepreneurs, and a family woman with 3 little boys and a loving husband.

In spite of all my success, I have never let it change my quality of service. I take pride in making myself available to my clients, partners and colleagues. Life is busy but that should never stand in the way of giving 120% back to those who contributed to your success. This to me is my key to success.

I live for my family and when not working, I love to do Yoga, Meditation and everything nature.

My mission is to change the legal industry to reflect the modern society we live in.

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